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Corn starch adopts domestic advanced wet production process, reasonable production line layout, advanced equipment, in line with the current requirements of energy saving and emission reduction and clean production, to provide high-quality raw material support for the company's biological fermentation project
Modified starch production line consists of two production lines, is the domestic industry model model project,with flexible production process, accurate index control, products up to dozens of varieties.
Sodium gluconate project adopts microbial continuous fermentation technology, around the relevant technology, the company has cooperated with East China University of Science and Technology and Qilu University of Technology, has applied for the national 863 program and national major scientific research equipment plan, applied for more than 10 national patents.
In 2020, the company cooperated with Shandong Food Fermentation Industry Research and Design Institute on the new erythritol project, which adopts international microbial fermentation production process and has high product quality and technical level.
With an annual output of 30,000 tons of trehalose project, the company cooperated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Qilu University of Technology to develop the product using double enzyme method, corn starch liquefaction, enzymatic refining. The project won the national invention patent with its core technology, and one technology won the second prize of Science and Tec...
Gluconolactone project is a fully closed production line independently developed and designed by the company, using domestic advanced ion exchange technology and advanced production equipment at home and abroad, product quality is stable
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